Art Walk 2017

This is an Art Walk event that will showcase the many talents of Calgarian Artists.

This year’s participants are Autism Calgary, Elements Calgary Mental Health Centre,
Calgary Drop-In Centre, Potential Place, The Mustard Seed and other non-for-profit agencies.


To support, develop and bring sustainability to vulnerable artists, including those artists with disabilities, low income, refugees and recent graduates of art programs.

Freedom: Using art as a form of self-expression

Art: Supporting artists to develop their craft

Community: Building bridges between artists and non-artists

Empowerment: Providing opportunities for artists to become self-sustainable.

Success: Helping artists to realize their full potential while working together to alleviate poverty


We believe that the art has the power to improve people's lives. Our vision is to help create a strong community that supports and provides opportunity to artists; where the artists are able to use their talents to support efforts to alleviate poverty.


  • To connect artists with disabilities, low income artists, refugee artists, and fresh graduates of art courses to resources (working space, networking, and exposure) that will help develop their artistic skills and allow them to create marketable art, through mentorship programs and concept-to-market workshops and establish them as entrepreneurs.
  • To advance education by providing instructional seminars on topics related to the performing, visual and culinary arts to vulnerable artists (e.g. artists with disabilities, low income artists, refugee artists, fresh graduates of art courses and single parents).
  • To advance the public’s appreciation of the arts by providing high-quality artistic performances in public places, senior citizens homes, churches, community centres, and educational institutions.
  • To advance the public’s appreciation of the arts by producing public art exhibitions, presentations, and performance art(s) events, and by providing a forum for qualified artists to exhibit, present, or perform their artistic works through participation in such events.